Race to File for Custody

Do you have a child and recently ended a relationship with the other parent?
If so, then you have a custody problem. There is no custody order to enforce and you are in a gray area with custody rights only as strong as your current agreement with the other parent. It is strongly suggested that you do your best to work with the other parent to develop a parenting agreement to govern custody and visitation between both parents. But if you cannot agree with each other, one of you must file for custody in Maryland and seek protection from the courts to get a hearing to have a judge hear your case to grant you the custody arrangement you are looking for as well as much need child support to help pay your monthly expenses including health and child care issues.
The problem is that with no specific court order, the police will not get involved as there is no court order to enforce.
It is strongly recommended that you do your best to get along with the other parent as any custody fights may result in either parent withholding the child from the other parent and lead to distrust between both parents. This is never in the best interest of the child. This also may lead to each parent snatching the child from the other parent.
Contact an attorney or licensed mediator to attempt to work out a parenting plan.