Free WIFI in Baltimore County Maryland Circuit Court

The Baltimore County Bar Association recently announced the launch of a new wireless internet network available at the Circuit Court Building in Towson. The network has been made available to the public free of cost as part of a collaborative effort between the BCBA and the Baltimore County Bar Foundation to give back to the community.

The initiative is yet another innovative example of the organizations’ commitment to the community and appreciation of the times.

Our culture continues to become increasingly dependent on technology. People rely more on the internet both personally and professionally seemingly every day. Access to wireless internet will be a tremendous resource for people, both attorneys and non-attorneys, to perform research and carry out important communications.

This is made even more valuable when considering the costs of such technology during these tough times. Anyone who pays their own cellular bill understands that fast mobile internet access is not necessarily cheap. Free Wi-Fi internet access made publically available for free to the public saves other people money that might otherwise represent the need to purchase a mobile “hot-spot” card or simply additional data usage on an existing plan.

Free internet access is helpful to attorneys to perform last minute legal research or to access Maryland Judiciary Case Search or to obtain other information for clients or potential clients. Wi-Fi access makes it easier to obtain email, retrieve documents, and perform work while waiting for hearings or waiting to be called for a jury.

It is clear that the BABC and BABF have set the stage for the next steps towards improving technological abilities in the courthouses. It will be interesting to see what response other Maryland jurisdictions and organizations will have to the continuing emergence of technology. Resources such as free Wi-Fi could are tremendous, however restrictions on usage still apply. How these restrictions factor into future technological developments within the court system is sure to be a storyline in the coming years.